Corizon Health Music Therapy Ambassador to Perform at MODOC Reentry Week

Corizon Health Music Therapy Ambassador Mark Collie will be performing in Missouri this week as part of the 2017 Missouri Reentry Week events, beginning with an concert on Halloween for the Secure Social Rehabilitation Unit (previous coverage here) at the Jefferson City Correctional Center and then at the opening reception of the 2017 Missouri Reentry Conference on November 1st at Lake of the Ozarks. (more…)

Corizon Idaho staff complete CCHP Certifications

On October 2nd, we celebrated certification of 18 Corizon and IDOC staff who successfully completed the CCHP and CCHP-MH certification exam.

Joe Cardona, an IDOC contract monitor, joined Corizon and IDOC staff together for classes in preparing for the certification exam.  This group met together several times under Joe’s tutelage.  This was a great demonstration of the power of partnership and collaboration.

New CCHP’s and CCHP-MH staff with their support team (L-R): Tom Dolan, AVP, Gen Brewer, DON, ISCI, Philippe Timmermans, H.S.A. SICI and CRC’s, Jeremy Clark, Clin. Sup., ISCI and SICI, Chris Johnson, Contract Monitor, Josh Tuckett, H.S.A. IMSI and CAPP, Sam Pierson, DON, ISCC, Grant Roberts, H.S.A. ISCC, Debra Bernamonti, DON, SBWCC, Adrea Nicodemus, Clin. Sup ISCC, Walter Campbell, Psychology Director, and Joe Cardona, teacher, coach and Contract Monitor, Kristi Dilworth, Chronic Care Nurse ISCC, Mike Grace, Nusg. Super CAPP, Kate Shelton, H.S.A. SBWCC, Jessica Guzzetti-Johnson, DON, IMSI, Jeremy Piersol, Contract Manager, Laura Watson Clin. Sup. ISCI, Connie Smock RDON and Rona Siegert, Health Services Director


Core Processes Spotlight: Arizona Department of Corrections

By: Jeffrey Clark, RN, Regional Clinical Services Director

Doing the basics right every time, for every patient, is the basis of the Corizon Health Core Processes.

As teams throughout Corizon Health continue to embrace the Core Processes, the Nursing Services Healthcare Support Team (HST) has seen few any more excited to launch the program than the Arizona Department of Corrections (ADC) Team. The Nursing Services HST conducted Phase I and Phase II Medication Management training for the entire ADC operation in August 2017. This was identified as a priority, as medication management is a critical part of maintaining patient health and an essential component of the healthcare delivery process. (more…)

A pro-active approach to women’s breast health in Michigan state prisons

By: Pam Duncan, RN, Oncology Manager, Corizon Michigan Regional Office

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and reminders to the public are everywhere; pink ribbons to remember to get your mammogram or encourage your friend, mother, sister, or loved one to participate in getting screened for breast cancer.

But what about our female offenders? Female offenders account for roughly 7 percent of the incarcerated population in state and federal prisons. What are we doing to assure our female prisoners are screened for breast cancer? The Michigan Corizon Team has implemented a unique mammography program for female offenders that is achieving a 95 percent compliance rate for annual exams. (more…)

Corizon Health in the community

Part of Corizon Health’s mission is to positively impact the communities we serve – where our employees live and raise their families. In large part we accomplish this through delivering clinical best practices, evidence-based medicine, and helping our patients successfully transition back into society. But we also give back through charitable giving. (more…)

Rhonda Almanza Tapped to lead MODOC

By Ralf Salke, SVP Operations – State

Rhonda Almanza Tapped to lead MODOCRhonda Almanza stepped into the role of VPO for our Missouri Department of Corrections partnership.

Rhonda, a consummate correctional healthcare professional, has served in a variety of roles in the 29 years she has been part of the Corizon Health team, from working as a nurse at the site level to supervising more than 500 team members as our Arizona VPO and leading the tremendous work that has been done there over the past year.

She has the pleasure of leading a capable and experienced team in Missouri as we continue to exceed the expectations of this long-standing partner.

Corizon Health participates in NCCHC Suicide Prevention Summit

Corizon Health recently participated in a Suicide Prevention Summit convened by the National Commission on Correctional Health Care that also included other private correctional healthcare providers.

The August 30th day-long meeting in Chicago, was a unique opportunity to bring together national experts to collaborate on best practices to keep suicidal inmates safe. Corizon Health sent a large contingent including Chief Psychiatry Officer Joe Pastor, MD; Senior Vice President of Behavioral Health Operations Mariann Burnetti-Atwell, Psy.D. CCHP; and Chief Operating Officer Jim Donovan. (more…)

Corizon Health Suicide Prevention Initiative – another step on the journey to eliminate suicides in prisons and jails

Suicide Prevention Initiative aims to eliminate suicides in Corizon Health facilitiesBy Mariann Burnetti-Atwell, Psy. D., CCHP, Senior Vice President of Behavioral Health Operations, Corizon Health

Several months ago, Corizon Health embarked on an initiative to eliminate suicides in the jails and prisons where we provide care. Corizon already had a strong record in suicide prevention, but we set this lofty – some would say impossible – goal because there simply is no number acceptable for completed suicides in a secure and supervised environment.

Yet, as a nation, the federal Department of Justice reports death by suicide in county jails is on the rise. The most recent federal Bureau of Justice Statistic reports showed the number of suicides in state prisons increased from 2013 to 2014 by 30 percent, an increase to 249 suicides from 192 the previous year. In local jails, suicide was the leading cause of death, accounting for a stunning 35 percent of all jail inmate deaths, a 13 percent increase from 2013 to 2014.


SMART Employees of the Quarter

SMART Employees of the QuarterOur SMART employees for the second quarter of 2017 are Stephanie Abshire, Behavioral Health Administrator at the Mark H. Luttrell Correctional Facility in Tennessee, and Joanie Vaughn, an LPN at the St. Clair Correctional Facility in Alabama. These two team members have consistently exhibited Corizon Health’s SMART values of Safety, Motivation, Accountability, Respect and Teamwork. (more…)

Clients continue to show confidence in Corizon Health Community Corrections

Clients continue to show confidence in Corizon Health Community CorrectionsWe are pleased to announce Corizon Health has won the rebid of our Shawnee County, Kansas contract and has signed a “3 plus 2” contract extension in Alachua County, Florida. Both of these are tremendous testaments to strong performance and partnerships with these important clients. (more…)