Employee Recognition

(L-R) Dental Hygienist Gail Russell, LPN Brandy Kalvig, Dental Assistant Emily Williams, LPN Crystalyn Selsor, LPN Kayce Jines, RN Kalley Campbell, Med Tech Abbie Lear-Boland, AA Catie Murry, RN Katie Starks, LPN Linda Wiley, LPN Suzanne Hunter, RN Jody James, RN/DON Dawn Neff, Site Medical Director Dr. Michael Whitlock, LPN Karma Niemeyer, Medical Records Clerk Sandra Sheppard, RN Pam Brundage, Medical Records Clerk Monica Hunter

Eighteen VPO coins were presented to staff members of the Northeast Correctional Center in Missouri for their professionalism in the face of a correctional officer stabbing and the chaos that ensued. NECC Administrators attended the ceremony where the Warden expressed gratitude and appreciation for our staff’s response, poise and expertise.

(L-R) DON Michelle Willis, Assistant Warden Ben Brooks, RN Shelley Dilley, LPN Jessica Johnson, LT Moore, Deputy Warden Courtney Schweder

The Missouri Department of Corrections presented two Corizon Health nurses with the Lifesaver Award after being nominated by custody staff for their quick response, fast action and calm demeanor in assisting a patient who was choking. On March 12, 2017, a patient in the Transitional Care Unit at the Crossroads Correctional Center in Cameron began choking on his morning meal. Upon entering the room, Corizon Health Nurse Shelly Dilley, RN, noted the patient’s lips were blue and he was unable to speak. She immediately began administering the Heimlich maneuver and asked an officer to call for Corizon Health Nurse Jessica Johnson, LPN. After multiple attempts to dislodge the blockage, the patient became unresponsive. Manual removal and suctioning was used to remove three pieces of pancake that were blocking the patient’s airway and he began to breathe and become alert. Continue reading

A doctor who launched a Vivitrol program for parole violators at a Michigan women’s prison and a Tennessee clinician who is working to open the first of its kind Opioid Addiction and Co-occurring Unit in the nation are the recipients of Corizon Health’s 3rd Quarter SMART Employee Awards. Continue reading

Nurse Practitioner Andrew Boudreau, Acting Warden Erica Huss and Psychiatrist Dr. Terry Meden

Two Corizon Health Providers at Marquette Branch Prison in Michigan were awarded Warden Coins of Recognition for their ongoing support in providing care to a challenging patient population. Receiving the award from Acting Warden Erica Huss were Nurse Practitioner Andrew Boudreau and Nurse Psychiatrist Dr. Terry Meden. Continue reading

Regional APRN Heather Ungeheuer, Regional Medical Director Dr. Patrick Corbier and Interim VPO Bob Burns

Heather Ungeheuer, Regional APRN for Corizon Health in the Kansas Department of Corrections, was presented a VPO Coin for exceeding expectations in helping to meet the needs of a patient. In addition to her regular responsibilities, Heather was instrumental in the recent transfer of a patient to the MAYO Clinic. Heather performed extensive research and found that the MAYO Clinic specialized in the specific needs of this unique patient case. After getting permission from the KDOC, she spent extensive hours in arranging air transportation, security coverage and other needs at the Clinic, hotel arrangements for custody staff, return air flight and treatment plan upon the patient’s return to Kansas. As this was a unique situation, the DOC was extremely appreciative for Nurse Ungeheuer’s efforts and the care that Corizon Health gave in meeting health needs of their patient. Continue reading

By Ralf Salke, SVP Operations – State

Rhonda Almanza stepped into the role of VPO for our Missouri Department of Corrections partnership.

Rhonda, a consummate correctional healthcare professional, has served in a variety of roles in the 29 years she has been part of the Corizon Health team, from working as a nurse at the site level to supervising more than 500 team members as our Arizona VPO and leading the tremendous work that has been done there over the past year.

She has the pleasure of leading a capable and experienced team in Missouri as we continue to exceed the expectations of this long-standing partner.

Our SMART employees for the second quarter of 2017 are Stephanie Abshire, Behavioral Health Administrator at the Mark H. Luttrell Correctional Facility in Tennessee, and Joanie Vaughn, an LPN at the St. Clair Correctional Facility in Alabama. These two team members have consistently exhibited Corizon Health’s SMART values of Safety, Motivation, Accountability, Respect and Teamwork. Continue reading

Dr. Zaki Ajans has retired as psychiatrist at Fulton Reception and Diagnostic Center in Missouri. Dr. Ajans has served offenders in the Missouri Department of Corrections for 47 years, having been the very first psychiatrist hired by the DOC in Missouri. Through the years, Dr. Ajans has served at multiple facilities and worked with some of the most difficult and ill offenders in the state—and without a single incident. Continue reading

Corizon Health staff at Curran-Fromhold Correctional Facility in Philadelphia was recognized by Philadelphia Department of Prisons Commissioner Blanche Carney for the lifesaving action of emergency resuscitation during an April cardiac emergency. The recognition was announced at the beginning of Corrections Week on May 8th. Congratulations to Shalu Punnoose, RN; Debbie Foidl, LPN; Danielle McGettigan, MA; Charlett Fentress, PA; Karen McKinney, RN; Ashley Seeger, RN; Anita DiOrio, RN; and Niekia Jenkins, RN. Thank you for your part in saving the life of a patient and upholding the Corizon Health Mission.

Several Corizon Health staff, along with correctional staff, were honored with a Life Saving Award by the Saginaw County Sheriff’s Department. Sheriff William Federspiel presented the award at the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 9809 in Kochville Township on May 10th. The award came as a result of a “code blue” at the Saginaw County Jail involving a civilian who had traveled to the jail to visit a loved one, only to suffer a drug overdose and resulting cardiac arrest. Continue reading