Employee Recognition

Dr. Zaki Ajans has retired as psychiatrist at Fulton Reception and Diagnostic Center in Missouri. Dr. Ajans has served offenders in the Missouri Department of Corrections for 47 years, having been the very first psychiatrist hired by the DOC in Missouri. Through the years, Dr. Ajans has served at multiple facilities and worked with some of the most difficult and ill offenders in the state—and without a single incident. Continue reading

Corizon Health staff at Curran-Fromhold Correctional Facility in Philadelphia was recognized by Philadelphia Department of Prisons Commissioner Blanche Carney for the lifesaving action of emergency resuscitation during an April cardiac emergency. The recognition was announced at the beginning of Corrections Week on May 8th. Congratulations to Shalu Punnoose, RN; Debbie Foidl, LPN; Danielle McGettigan, MA; Charlett Fentress, PA; Karen McKinney, RN; Ashley Seeger, RN; Anita DiOrio, RN; and Niekia Jenkins, RN. Thank you for your part in saving the life of a patient and upholding the Corizon Health Mission.

Several Corizon Health staff, along with correctional staff, were honored with a Life Saving Award by the Saginaw County Sheriff’s Department. Sheriff William Federspiel presented the award at the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 9809 in Kochville Township on May 10th. The award came as a result of a “code blue” at the Saginaw County Jail involving a civilian who had traveled to the jail to visit a loved one, only to suffer a drug overdose and resulting cardiac arrest. Continue reading

Dr. Peter Lee, VP of Clinical Pharmacy for PharmaCorr, is the Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy Diplomat of the Month for May. Dr. Lee serves as an AMCP Diplomat for Southwestern Oklahoma State University and a Co-Diplomat for the University of Oklahoma. Continue reading

A second Corizon team member on the Tennessee Department of Correction Behavioral Health contract has received the mental health specialty certification offered by the National Commission on Correctional Health Care.

Dr. Andrew Adler, Regional Behavioral Health Clinical Director for our TDOC contract, joins Dr. Mark Fleming, VP of Operations for our TDOC contract, in augmenting his Certified Correctional Health Professional qualification with the mental health specialty certification. Continue reading

Health Services Administrator (HSA) Diana Larkin of Potosi Correctional Center (PCC) in Mineral Point, Missouri recognized her site’s physician, Dr. William McKinney, by nominating him for Employee of the Quarter for the Missouri Region. On April 23, Dr. McKinney was chosen for the honor, receiving a plaque of recognition at a celebratory luncheon. Continue reading

In Florida, Dr. Margie Gomez was honored with a Sheriff’s Commendation presented by Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd. Dr. Gomez was recognized for her care of a female patient with a history of cervical cancer and radiation treatment. The patient, admitted to the infirmary with fever, vomiting and a urinary tract infection, received life-saving treatment due to Dr. Gomez’s swift and correct diagnosis of pneumonia and pulmonary embolism. Continue reading

Corizon Health’s PharmaCorr Vice President of Clinical Pharmacy Services Peter Lee, Pharm. D., MBA, CCHP, has been inducted as a Fellow of the Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy (AMCP). Less than 1 percent of current AMCP members have such a designation. Continue reading

Mike Risner, a PharmaCorr employee working at the Charles E. Egeler Reception & Guidance Center for the Michigan Department of Corrections was awarded a Warden’s Coin on February 23. Warden Jeremy Bush presented the award for Mike’s quick actions which saved a prisoner’s life. Continue reading

Secure Social Rehabilitation Unit (SSRU) Coordinator David Evans of Jefferson City Correctional Center in Missouri received a VPO Coin earlier this month. The award came as a result of his assisting a mentally ill offender understand and comply with his medically-necessary surgery needs. Continue reading