About Corizon Connections

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Above & Beyond
Above & Beyond is how Corizon Health employees conduct every aspect of their lives. We are proud of the force we having working for Corizon Health representing the best in ccorrectional healthcare.

Awards & Recognition
Awards & Recognition are how Corizon Health shines both on and off the court. Every story represents the exceptional work and people within our ranks.

Community happenings
The core beliefs of Corizon Health are grounded in the success of strong communities. Whether we are participating in fund raising for correctional healthcare awareness or assisting families of inmates and detainees, Corizon Health is there to help.

Corizon Teamwork
Teamwork is our first priority at Corizon Health. Our people make up what we believe in and what we strive to achieve. Corizon Health showcases the exceptional people that make up the best team in correctional healthcare across the United States.

Corizon Health, the leader and pioneer in correctional healthcare, is dedicated to discovering new ways to connect with our employees. Corizon Connections is our unique way of bringing the best parts of our nationwide network into one central online location. This blog will highlight the finest segments of our organization and how we work as a team across multiple facilities in various locations throughout the United States. In our blog we will emphasize the importance of team member recognition by featuring stories of personal and facility achievement and how Corizon Health has made an impact in the lives of ourĀ inmate patients, as well as whole communities.