Core Processes Spotlight: Arizona Department of Corrections

By: Jeffrey Clark, RN, Regional Clinical Services Director

Doing the basics right every time, for every patient, is the basis of the Corizon Health Core Processes.

As teams throughout Corizon Health continue to embrace the Core Processes, the Nursing Services Healthcare Support Team (HST) has seen few any more excited to launch the program than the Arizona Department of Corrections (ADC) Team. The Nursing Services HST conducted Phase I and Phase II Medication Management training for the entire ADC operation in August 2017. This was identified as a priority, as medication management is a critical part of maintaining patient health and an essential component of the healthcare delivery process.

ADC team member Keisha Ruehrup actively engaging in Medication Management training

Arizona training attendees ranged from regional and site leadership, to front-line inventory control team members. This broad representation of knowledge and responsibility ensured that every facet of implementing Core Processes was discussed and allowed attendees to problem-solve some of the day-to-day challenges they experienced within their respective facilities.

The one-day training included a combination of lecture material and hands-on demonstrations. Dialogue between the trainers and attendees was candid, and questions ranged from general concepts contained in the Core Processes to those specific to individual sites. Discussions allowed attendees to think outside the box to solve challenges within their operations.

Other ADC team members enjoy finding the ‘gaps’ in a simulated Medication Room activity. The willingness of the ADC team to accept suggestions on implementing the Medication Management Core Processes was commendable, and nursing HST members expressed unanimous agreement about the eager reception and positive attitudes that our fellow Corizon Health staff members brought to this training.

Other ADC team members enjoy finding the ‘gaps’ in a simulated Medication Room activity

Many thanks to the ADC team for welcoming the Nursing HST and the Core Processes.

Way to go team!

Our actions produce results in the most positive ways when there is one goal in mind.  The Core Processes are the ”one mind” guiding us through processes that are meant to have everyone doing the basics the same way, the Corizon Health way every time.  Whether you are a recent nursing school graduate, weekend PRN or seasoned healthcare team member, these Core Processes allow us to celebrate standardized directives in providing and producing the main goal of caring for our patients and satisfying our partners.