Clients continue to show confidence in Corizon Health Community Corrections

Clients continue to show confidence in Corizon Health Community CorrectionsWe are pleased to announce Corizon Health has won the rebid of our Shawnee County, Kansas contract and has signed a “3 plus 2” contract extension in Alachua County, Florida. Both of these are tremendous testaments to strong performance and partnerships with these important clients.

Corizon Health has served the Shawnee County Department of Corrections with comprehensive medical, behavioral health, and pharmacy services since 2002. The recent award will lengthen this successful 15-year partnership through the end of 2021, with the option for two additional one-year extensions. Key to our success has been consistent leadership from RVP Debbie Fye and Regional Medical Director Dr. Ivor Garlick. Medical Director Dr. Dennis Sale, and Psychiatrist Dr. Keith Pattison have worked in this contract for more than 12 years.

Other new initiatives we are adding to our comprehensive program in Shawnee include enhanced mental health services, upgrade of the EHR system to the eOMISTM Electronic Health Record system, and Corizon Health’s robust reentry program.

Excellent client service and delivery of care in our Community Corrections contracts continues to pay off as another valuable partner chooses to extend our contract rather than entertain bids. The Alachua County Sheriff’s Office, a client partner since 2006, recently inked a three-year extension with the option for two, one-year renewals. Clinical and Operational leaders worked hard to support the site in the face of HSA turnover and the hiring of a new medical director.

By personally staffing the site to ensure no loss of services, RVP Paula Mangarella and RMD Dr. Timothy Hughes helped turn what is often a risky period for client retention into a positive. Their presence also helped strengthen our relationships with county commissioners and find more ways to partner on their community priorities.

Newly appointed Medical Director Dr. Ivette Colon Reyes, has made a tremendous positive impression on our Alachua partners by quickly and competently stepping into her role and Bob Burns, formerly a DO in Indiana and now interim VPO in Kansas, also stepped in for several months as interim HSA. His excellent service in that role reassured the client of our bench strength in handling vacancies, providing the client with the confidence needed to agree to an extension even though the HSA position remains to be filled.

We would like to recognize our Business Development team members for their efforts in demonstrating to Sheriff Sadie Darnell and county commissioners the value of Corizon Health and helping to guide our outreach efforts.

Of course, wins like these would not be possible without excellent site staff and the efforts of all of those on the Healthcare Support Team who handle so many aspects of delivering care at our facilities.