Tulare County continues with Corizon Health

Tulare County continues with Corizon HealthThanks to our dedicated and hardworking frontline team of clinicians and medical services staff, the Tulare County, California Health and Human Services Agency chose to continue its four-year partnership with Corizon Health to provide services to the Tulare County Criminal Justice Facilities by extending our contract for an additional year.

This continues a strong trend over the past few months of community corrections clients choosing to maintain their contracts with Corizon, despite all-out efforts by our competitors across the nation to force our contacts out to bid.

Our success in Tulare highlights the importance of close coordination between Clinical, Operations and Business Development. We want to particularly salute the efforts of RMD Dr. Glenda Newell, DON Veronica Vizcarra, VPO Charles Guffey, and Business Development VP Chris Bell. Together this team effectively communicated with and responded to client and site needs and demonstrated Corizon’s value and effectiveness.