Idaho inmate gives birth, prepares for release and motherhood

Idaho inmate gives birth, prepares for release and motherhoodIn a follow-up to “Pregnant in Prison: Bridging the gap between the due date and release date,” South Boise Women’s Correctional Center (SBWCC) inmate Samantha Campbell spoke about giving birth to baby Carter February 21, and having to leave him while she served out the remainder of her sentence.

In accordance with Idaho law, Samantha chose a guardian for her baby until her release. For Samantha, that guardian was her mother, Val Sythe. In her interview, Val talks about her “unwavering love for her daughter” and her determination to help others be the best “administrators” they can be as they care for infants.

The original story, covered by News Anchor Natalie Hurst, aired on Boise’s KBOI-TV in February. At that time, 26-year-old Samantha was 37 weeks into her pregnancy and participating in a program begun by St. Luke’s Medical Center and Corizon Health to help pregnant inmates learn about birthing a child and parenting. The program’s classes are taught on-site at SBWCC, a minimum-security facility which can house up to 248 inmates in its two housing units. Click here for the original story.

Samantha was released from SBWCC in early June and has now been reunited with her son and her other child. To read the entire follow-up story and watch the video, click here.