Lansing facilities receives 100 percent compliance on ACA medical audit

Lansing facilities receives 100 percent compliance on ACA medical auditOur Kansas Department of Corrections partner has been going through the rigorous process of accreditation by the American Correctional Association, in part involving medical audits of each of the state’s nine prisons. The Lansing Correctional Facility was the last to be inspected and received a score of 100 percent compliance.

In a recent email, Lansing Warden Sam Cline said the score is a source for particular pride because of the size and age of the prison complex.  LCF is the state’s largest and oldest correctional complex for adult males with a capacity of 2,405. It has been in continuous operation for 149 years.

“I want to express our deepest thanks to our Corizon employees past and present who did such a good job in preparing for this audit,” Warden Cline wrote in the email. “Also for the efforts of the KDOC staff who went above and beyond to address issues before and even during the audit.”

Leaders of each Kansas facility will have panel hearings before the ACA Commissioners to review this past year’s medical audit during the ACA annual conference, which will be held August 18th through 22nd in St. Louis.