Corizon Health launches new and improved Missouri reentry website

Corizon Health launches new and improved Missouri reentry websiteReprinted with permission from MRP Flash, the monthly newsletter of Missouri Reentry Process

First launched in June 2011 as a coordinated effort between the Missouri Department of Corrections and Corizon [Health], the Missouri reentry website was the first state-specific offender reentry website. Over the past six years, the website has continued to evolve with the newest enhancements going live in early 2017. The website has a number of unique and innovative features which allows the offender or those assisting the offender with transition planning to maximize the “reentry vetted” resources housed within this robust repository to create an individualized, offender specific plan.

The new enhancements include the ability to create individualized reentry plans, choose from 50 language translations and maximize resourcing with one click icons to include a mapping, website and ‘favorite’ icon located next to each resource. These, along with the enhanced geo-search feature are just a few of the recent innovations that have been added to the website.

The website is composed of thirteen resources areas of fully vetted reentry resources including: crisis counseling/assistance, dental care, education and job training, employment resources, faith-based organizations, food and clothing, housing/shelter, medical/health care, mental health, social services, transportation, and Veterans services with the ability to expand these categories as needed.