Nurse specialist reflects on patient safety

Nurse specialist reflects on patient safetyCorizon is entrusted to provide care to thousands of patients daily, and the safety of our patients is at the forefront of every encounter. This is why Safety is the foremost Corizon SMART value.

Patient safety within correctional healthcare is not a new phenomenon; the very nature of our specialized discipline exists in an environment where safety is a priority. The correctional nurse is an essential component in assuring the safety of the patient and the efficiency of the healthcare operation, as it is the nurse who provides the care, and often is the focal point in assuring that care is provided across disciplines and across systems without interruption or delay. Efforts to standardize this care have been introduced with the Core Processes program.

Safety is the foundation on which our Core Processes exist; they provide every member of the healthcare team a standardized blueprint to deliver safe care across the healthcare continuum from admission to discharge. However, the safe delivery of care does not exist in a vacuum; it is supported and maintained by a system of accountability and responsibility for leadership and front line team members alike. Successes should be celebrated and validated with current best practices, and adverse events must be scrutinized and seen as opportunities for improvement with the same enthusiasm as our successes. It is through these mechanisms that our patients receive the best care that Corizon is positioned to offer.

As we have celebrated 2017 Patient Safety Awareness Week March 12-18, we have learned that patient safety is a shared responsibility regardless of role, and has implications that extend across disciplines. Examples include the mental health clinician who has recently released the patient from suicide watch, the medication technician who administers medications, and the senior leadership team member who reviews staffing plans.

Experts in patient safety attest that patient safety is the cornerstone of quality patient care. By embracing and adhering to our Core Processes, we consistently achieve patient safety as the foundation all that we do.

by: Tashima Ricks (MSN, RN, PHCNS-BC, CCHP), Senior Correctional Nurse Specialist