Corizon Health nurse recognized by correctional officer

Corizon Health nurse recognized by correctional officer

Jessica White

Okaloosa County, Florida Correctional Officer Felix Zullo was moved to write a letter of recognition acknowledging the compassion and skill of Corizon Health Nurse Jessica White in responding to the needs of patients in the Okaloosa County Jail.

In a February 10th letter, CO Zullo wrote to Corizon Health Director of Nursing Lisa Roy that even with patients who were unpleasant to the nurses, “Nurse White never changes her cheerful and pleasant demeanor.

“She would work around the situation and have the upset inmate answering her questions and apologizing by the time they were finished,” he wrote. “She is always willing to assist in any way possible when an officer calls for support with a medical matter.”

Corizon Health Services Administrator Susan Priddy said the letter of recognition was gratifying not only because it praised one of our nurses, but also for what it says about our relationship with our Okaloosa County client-partner.

“I thought it was awesome that a member of security took his time to recognize the quality of one of our nurses,” Susan said. “That alone says a lot about the jail under the Chief Vaughn’s leadership and the professional goals he is setting for his staff and the jail.”

Nurse Roy is a Corizon Health success story. She started working several years ago as an LPN, completed her RN degree while maintaining a full-time work schedule, and we were able to convert her position to that of an RN.