Annual leadership meeting and awards ceremony held in Franklin, Tennessee

The annual Corizon Health Leadership Conference was recently held in Franklin, Tennessee. On the second evening of the conference, the Impact Players Awards Celebration recognized and honored team members who truly have made an impact on their site and the organization. Continue reading to find out who the big winners were.

2016 Nurse of the Year

Each year Corizon Health recognizes a nurse who demonstrates excellence in their practice. The Nurse of the Year award is based on initiative, quality of work, communication and cooperation, judgment and decision making, and leadership, and is chosen by the nominee’s nursing peers. The 2016 Nurse of the Year is Stephanie Kocher, RN, at Farmington Correctional Center in Missouri. Stephanie has been able to build good rapport with custody staff, often assists other staff in completing duties when they are feeling overwhelmed, has volunteered to travel to other sites to provide nursing coverage, mentored new nurses using our preceptor program and developed a group curriculum to teach offenders about health and wellness. Stephanie completed the SANE Nurse training voluntarily, become part of the PREA response team and passed her CCHP exam. She takes ownership over the CQI program and holds herself accountable when she makes mistakes. She is a well-rounded nurse leader who exhibits the highest level of professional practice and is highly respected by her team and is an outstanding example of competence, compassion and excellence in the practice of nursing.

2016 SMART Employee of the Year

The 2016 SMART Employee of the Year award was given to Nurse Practitioner Shirley Haley of Wyoming Honor and Boot Camp. Shirley has been an essential member of the Corizon Health Wyoming team for the past 16 years. She possesses the drive and determination to look out for the safety of her patients, the safety of her community and the good of our Wyoming Department of Corrections contract. Shirley exemplifies the qualities of an effective clinical leader. She communicates in a way that is firm, fair and consistent and treats each individual with dignity and respect. Over the years, Nurse Haley has worked at all five WDOC sites by pitching in when extra support is needed, and she quickly adapts when changes are introduced. During the past two-year transition from paper charts to an EMR, Shirley sought to become one of Wyoming’s “super users” and works with account managers to make process changes to the EMR more efficient. According to her nomination, she is a “ball of energy that inspires everyone” to work as hard as she does.

SMART Employees

In addition to naming the annual winners, the 2016 Quarterly awards also were recognized. The SMART Employee of the Quarter award is given to employees who consistently and significantly demonstrate excellence in their daily performance. Nominations are submitted on a quarterly basis, based on individuals who exemplify Corizon’s SMART Values – Safety, Motivation, Accountability, Respect and Teamwork. The winners for 2016 were Site Medical Director Dr. Chung Oh of Baraga Correctional Facility in Michigan, Nurse Practitioner Tara Weist of Kinross Correctional Facility in Michigan, Educational Coordinator William Wingert from our Idaho contract, Behavioral Health Professional Melissa Ewing from Larned Correctional Mental Health in Kansas, Clinic Coordinator Kristine Liggett from Wyoming Medium Correctional Institution and Physician Assistant Gina Couturier of Thumb Correctional Facility in Michigan.

State Provider Data Report Awards

The SPDR (State Provider Data Report) is a compilation of process and outcome measures to include the percentage of diabetics having their A1C tested, the percentage of patients on Warfarin tested, the number of diabetic patients in good control, the number of HIV patients with undetectable VL, and the number of HIV patients on medications to prevent opportunistic infections. The Bronze award went to the Kansas team, led by Dr. Paul Corbier. The Idaho team, led by Dr. Rebekah Haggard, won the Silver award. And Dr. Kurt Johnson and the Wyoming team were the recipients of the Gold award.

Clinical Excellence Awards

State Clinical Excellence awards were given to the Alabama Regional Team for being “Most Improved.” in their SPDR metrics through embracing the Corizon Group Practice. The Kansas Regional Team, under the leadership of Senior Director of Operations Jerry Jorgenson, Regional Psychiatry Director Dr. Bradley Grinage and Regional Medical Director Dr. Paul Corbier, was recognized for their “Desensitization Project.”

Community Clinical Excellence awards were handed out to the Coxsackie Correctional Facility team and the Philadelphia Jails team. The award for Coxsackie was received by Dr. Imhotep Carter. Mary Silva, Dr. Eke Kalu, Brandon De Julius, and Vandelyn Phillips received the award for the Philadelphia team.

Labor Awards

The Labor Awards are data driven, based on those contracts that are under budget and ahead of their KPIs. Representing the Philadelphia Regional Team, Mary Silva accepted the award from our community contracts. Leading the way in our state contracts, Ken Dover accepted the award on behalf of the Alabama Regional Team.

Impact Players Awards

Finally, CEO Karey Witty gave out the 2016 Impact Players awards, celebrating those that made an impact on one of our four pillars – people, patients, partners and processes. Congratulations to Theresa Halsey, Manager, Clinical Management and Support Talent Acquisition, winner of the “People” award. Winners of the “Patients” award, all from Arizona, were Regional Medical Director Dr. Winfred Williams and Associate Medical Directors Dr. Glen Babich and Dr. Murray Young. The “Partners” award went to Indiana Vice President of Operations Bill Carr, who has done an outstanding job this year in the face of a difficult contract that had major financial challenges and a contract re-bid. Finally, the “Processes” award went to our Core Processes team of Senior VP of Nursing Becky Pinney, Sr. Clinical Education and Training Specialist Dr. Leonora Muhammad, Sr. Correctional Nurse Specialist Rhonda Moore, and Sr. Training Specialist Claire Flowers.

Congratulations to all of the 2016 award winners. We are all Corizon Health, judged by the care we give, the attention we pay and the courtesies we extend.

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