Oregon START program receives Grand Jury kudos

Oregon START program receives Grand Jury kudosThe Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office recently conveyed its congratulations to Corizon Health staff on a Clackamas County Grand Jury report commending the county jail’s Stabilization, Treatment, Assessment, and Reintegration Team (START) program.

The program consists of a multi-disciplinary team, including Corizon Health medical and mental health staff, with a goal of managing inmates with high mental acuity and co-occurring substance use disorders. The group meets weekly to discuss treatment of inmates with severe mental illness, focusing on those eligible for early release.

Jail inspections are the function of the grand jury in some states like Oregon.

Clackamas County Sheriff’s office Lieutenant Todd Rollins said the Grand Jury was “very impressed” with the work the team is doing “to help this vulnerable population get the help and services they need.”

The START program supports the Corizon Health goal of reducing recidivism by identifying programs and services available for treatment of mentally ill inmates upon their discharge back into the community, with the hope that they will not reenter the criminal justice system. Success is measured by recidivism reduction.

Jail Commander Captain Lee Eby says the group has been “very successful during their short inceptions, and have helped reduce inmate population through early release” by efficient utilization of available resources.