Home for the holidays

Home for the holidays

Chief Human Resources Officer Sally Powers

Former employees returning to Corizon Health is one more indication of a bright future ahead
by Sally Powers, Chief Human Resources Officer

Many familiar faces from the past have rejoined Corizon Health this year. Though each has their own unique reasons for returning to the company, most share an encouraging theme: Corizon Health’s commitment to its people, patients and partners allows them to do their best work resulting in higher job satisfaction.

I believe the desire and willingness of former employees to return to Corizon Health is a powerful testament to the bright future ahead of our company.

“I was simply ready to come home,” SVP Community Operations Levin Jones said. “Our staff and clients are the best in the business and I truly missed them all.

“The processes and structure Corizon Health offers are second to none,” he continued. “I believe in the direction of the company and wanted to be a part of this amazing ride.”

– Levin Jones, SVP Community Operations

I myself am a so-called “boomerang” employee. In returning to Corizon Health after spending four years away, I found I had renewed energy, perspective and resolve to help make our company the preferred employer in correctional healthcare and the preferred partner of state and local correctional agencies.

I had been with CMS for 28 years prior to the 2011 merger that created Corizon Health. I left shortly thereafter to enjoy retirement.

My time away allowed me to see the company, and my role in it, with fresh eyes. I realized that although change may be hard and working in the correctional environment comes with a unique set of challenges, I still cared very much for my colleagues and missed being part of a high-performing team. So, when Karey (also a return employee) asked me to come back, I readily agreed  to rejoin the organization and be a part of the team achieving Corizon Health’s full potential as a healthcare company providing best-in-class care to our patients and service to our partners.

Arizona DOC Director of Operations Colleen Oaks returned to Corizon Health from a major competitor because, she said, of “the infrastructure, the talented people, and the commitment to our patients.

“I returned to Corizon Health because it is the best in the business and now I know that for sure.”

Colleen Oakes, Director of Operations, Arizona DOC

Though I am limited by space to list every one of our company’s boomerang employees (and would no doubt miss someone), members of our leadership team who had left and returned to Corizon this past year include Chief Administrative Officer Scot Ward, Chief Psychiatry Officer Joe Pastor, SVP Community Operations Levin Jones, Arizona VP Operations Rhonda Almanza, and Arizona DO Colleen Oaks.

Their reasons for leaving vary widely, but their reasons for returning share a common theme:  Corizon Health’s commitment to providing our people with the resources needed to properly care for our patients.

“I had worked for Corizon for almost 22 years when I left,” said Rhonda. “During that time, I always felt that our leadership was open to listening to new ideas from all levels of the company. I missed that when I changed companies.”

“That is really why I was happy to be able to come back to Corizon,” she continued. “I knew that my suggestions and concerns would be heard and I would have the ability to help makes changes that improve the care for our patients and our clients. I missed my Corizon family.”

– Rhonda Almanza, Vice President of Operations, Arizona DOC