Fresno extends with Corizon Health

Fresno extends with Corizon HealthCorizon Health will continue as Fresno County, California’s comprehensive healthcare provider. The one-year extension is effective July 1, 2017, continuing through June 20, 2018.

Corizon Health has provided comprehensive medical, behavioral and dental healthcare, as well as pharmacy services, for Fresno County since June 2014. This extension will allow us to continue as the provider of choice for this valued client partner.

“This extension is a testament to Corizon’s values and commitment to provide quality health services to Fresno County inmates,” Regional Vice President Charles Guffey said. “Our partnership continues to be one of teamwork and concern for patients under our care.”

Thank you to Charles Guffey and the entire Fresno County team, including Health Services Administrators Kevin Dooms and Stephanie Patrick Calvillo. Thanks also to CEO Karey Witty and COO Jim Donovan for helping us to succeed in continuing as the healthcare provider for Fresno County.