10 simple tips to successfully onboard new hires

Will your new employee succeed? It all starts with the quality of onboarding they receive.

10 simple tips to successfully onboard new hires

Imagine the first day of school and you don’t know the kids, your teacher is new, you don’t know the rules or where the bathroom is . . . welcome to the world of a new hire! Too often we hear, “I was given the new employee orientation manual and put in a room for a day.”

Most new hires are ready and willing to give 100 percent if they know what is expected of them and feel prepared for the job ahead.  Here’s a few tips for ensuring your new hire feels confident and a part of the team from Day One:

Prior to Day 1: Send a Welcome letter to their home.

Create a “Guide to Your First Day”: A quick summary of what they can expect their first day, important names, contact information, what will happen.

Announcement: Send an announcement to your team with information about the new person and their role; encourage team interaction, convey your expectations.

Who’s – Who: Make introductions a priority. Acquaint them with all healthcare team members, as well as corrections staff, in the medical unit, as well as the entire facility.

The Acronyms: Prepare the new hire by defining acronyms and correctional jargon.

The Culture: Share stories with the new team member that are examples of the culture. While reviewing specific policies & procedures, also explain the “unwritten” rules of the site that will allow them to slide effortlessly into their routine.

The Job Description: Seems too logical not to review what their job responsibilities are right off the bat, but many forget this simple step. It gives you the chance to clearly define your expectations, goals and the job scope. This provides a sense of purpose for the new hire.

Lunch: Make sure your new hire has a lunch buddy not just for the first day, but the first week. Show them that they are part of a team.

Provide Feedback: Our 30-day onboarding survey indicates employees are not given enough feedback their first two weeks when they feel the most vulnerable. Provide a schedule of check-ins with you. This is a proactive way to catch “snafus” before they get embedded.

Use the Recruit and Retain Link Tools: On MyCorizon.com you will find tons of tools to make new hire onboarding a success. Look for the link on the Home Page under Corizon Health Links or click here.

While these tips will take some planning on your part, planting the seeds now will ensure your new team member feels more confident in their role, with clear expectations and the tools and knowledge to ensure their continued engagement and success far past their first 90 days. Successful onboarding builds engagement, reduces turnover and builds commitment to Corizon Health.