Missouri RN named Corizon Health Nurse of the Year

Missouri RN named Corizon Health Nurse of the Year

Dr. Leonora Muhammad (L) and Corizon Health Nurse of the Year Stephanie Kocher (R)

Missouri Registered Nurse Stephanie Kocher was presented the Corizon Health National Nurse of the Year Award at a September 28th ceremony at Farmington Correctional Center (FCC) in Missouri. Senior Clinical Education and Training Specialist Dr. Leonora Muhammad presented the award.

Nurse of the Year is the highest honor one of our more than 6,000 nurses can receive from Corizon Health and is chosen from the annual pool of nurses selected as statewide Nurses of the Year. Stephanie was named Nurse of the Year for the State of Missouri on July 14th. She has been an RN at FCC for the past four years and during this time has demonstrated exceptional leadership and has been an integral part of our mental health team.

In honor of Stephanie receiving this award, a celebration luncheon was hosted by Health Services Administrator Lisa Spain and the FCC medical department. Staff from the medical department, the Missouri Sex Offender Program and the Secure Social Rehabilitation Unit attended the luncheon. Other staff in attendance included Dr. Muhammad, Senior Vice President of Behavioral Health Operations Dr. Mariann Atwell, Area Vice President Ralf Salke, Senior Director of Operations Cindy Schupp, Regional Mental Health Director Dr. Elizabeth Atterberry, Eastern Region Mental Health Director Kimberly Foster, Eastern Region Director of Operations Kimberly Randolph, Regional Director of Nursing Tara Taylor, and Mental Health Nurse Supervisor Dana Meyer.

Special guests in attendance included Stephanie’s mother Kristi McCoy and husband Nathan Kocher, along with Missouri Department of Corrections Acting Chief of Security Captain James Reed, Administrative Segregation Sargent and COII Jason Jakoubek, A-Side Yard Sargent and COII Thomas Barbre, A-Side Yard Officer and COI Randy Firebaugh, A-Side Yard Officer and COI Warren Braswell, Utility Officer and COI Nick Skaggs, Institutional Parole Officers Sara Whited and Diana Blocker, Corrections Classification Assistant Herald Reed, and Deputy Warden Mike Gann.

Award nominees were evaluated in four different areas—going above and beyond, excellence in nursing practice, leadership and teamwork, and ownership of nursing practice. Stephanie consistently shows excellence in all four of these areas. She is well liked and respected by her co-workers, as well as the offenders with whom she interacts. She treats others with dignity, respect and kindness, demonstrates professionalism and teamwork, and is always willing to assist others. She takes pride in her work but also owns her mistakes and has been a role model as a preceptor for other new nursing staff.

We congratulate and applaud Stephanie on receiving this highest honor bestowed upon Corizon Health nurses and thank her for exemplifying our Vision, Mission and SMART Values of Safety, Motivation, Accountability, Responsibility, and Teamwork.

Missouri RN named Corizon Health Nurse of the Year

(L-R) Ralf Salke, Stephanie Kocher, Dr. Mariann Atwell and Tara Taylor