The nurse and core process

The Nurse and Core Process

Becky Pinney, SVP Nursing

Corizon Health’s clinical leadership team recently began rolling out the Core Process Program to provide standardized approaches to seven fundamental clinical processes that we use every day in all Corizon facilities to deliver care to our patient population.

The program provides a defined, consistent approach to the way we deliver care as an organization. Our goal is to ensure the critical components of each process are in place and being performed to national correctional healthcare standards and Corizon Health expected performance levels.

The Core Process program provides documented process performance expectations and a measuring tool to determine actual performance versus expected performance as defined in the core process. Is also serves another critical purpose as excellent training tools for new and current staff.

The program is being rolled out in phases according to the following schedule:

Phase I (Released July 2016):

  • Intake Process
  • Medication Management
    • Ordering
    • Receiving

Phase II (Released February 2017):

  • Chronic Care Program
  • Infirmary Care
  • Medication Management
    • Return
    • Destruction
    • Pharmacy Reports

Phase III (Released August 2017):

  • Health Assessment
  • Sick Call
  • Emergency Care
  • Medication Administration

Each Core Process will have a number of documents associated with it, covering all aspects of the clinical procedures addressed. The documents are being created for use by both line staff and management. Our goal is for the documents to lend themselves to your work environment and working style.

The clinical staff documents include:

  • Clinical Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) – Step-by-step detailed instructions for the completion of tasks related to all aspects of each core process. They include SMART tips from your peers – lessons learned over years of providing the core process services in the correctional healthcare setting.
  • Work Flows – Easy-to-follow charted work flows providing a quick reference for guidance on next steps as you complete your daily clinical work tasks. These may be posted for easy access in the work areas of your facility.
  • SMART Cards – Easy-to-use pocket-sized quick reference cards to the key content of the Clinical SOPs. They also provide clinical support information that may be used to make decisions about care to be provided.

The management staff documents include:

  • Operations Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) – Provide guidance to site managers in the organization and delivery of care through the Core Processes.
  • Operations Checklists – Provide a simple, easy-to-use tool for the manager to monitor the performance of a Core Process within the facility. They may also be used as a tool, along with your facility CQI Program, to continually improve the delivery of care in the facility.
  • SMART Cards for Managers – Miniature versions of the Operations Checklists managers may keep in their pockets as they perform their duties.

What does the program mean for the facility-level nursing team member?

For a facility-level nurse, the Core Processes mean you now have documented guidance for the key elements of all of the work you perform delivering care each day.

The Core Processes do not replace your clinical knowledge and critical-thinking skills. As a nurse, you hold valuable knowledge and skills that when combined with the Core Process program will provide the high-standard of care we all desire for our patients. As the program is deployed at your facility, my fellow clinical leaders and I are confident you will find the information and resources provided to be highly valuable.

A number of our regional team members and some facility-management team members already have received training in Phase I. Over the coming weeks, every Corizon Health facility will receive guidance from their regional leadership teams about implementing the program. Our goal is for the Core Processes to become who we are and how we deliver care day in and day out!

Thanks for all you do.  I am so very proud to be the nursing leader for Corizon Health and to be a part of a dedicated, knowledgeable and caring nursing team.

by: Becky Pinney, SVP Nursing