Prison Healthcare and Reentry Summit takes place in Philadelphia

Prison Healthcare and Reentry Summit takes place in PhiladelphiaCorizon healthcare providers participated in the Beyond the Walls: Prison Healthcare and Reentry Summit,” held recently at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia. The event brought together communities of professionals to focus on the crisis of AIDS/HIV within the criminal justice system and the work being done to “improve conditions inside the prison walls and in the communities to which prisoners are returning.”

Members of Corizon Health staff in Philadelphia presented at the summit, including Regional Vice President Vandelyn Phillips, Regional Infection Control Director Sharon Bunting, Infectious Disease Specialist Dr. Debra D’Aquilante and Director of Nursing Monica DeVito. In the presentation, “Planning for Successful Transition in the Community: PREA Implications for the LGBTQ Community,” the victimization of the LGBTQ population behind bars was brought to light, using Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) standards of identifying those at greatest risk for victimization and defining measures to protect those people from harm while incarcerated.

The summit was held on June 15. June is nationally recognized as AIDS Education Month (AEM). We are grateful to our dedicated providers for participating in the “Beyond the Walls” summit and working to spread awareness and information about HIV/AIDS, a disease that affects over one million people in the United States.