Sheriff’s Office recognizes Corizon Health Nurses with County Public Service Award

Sheriff's Office recognizes Corizon Health Nurses with County Public Service Award

DON Nadia Petrov (far left), RN Anastasia Bas (fourth from left) and RN Thao Le (fifth from left), with Corizon Health Regional VP Charles Guffey (far right) and Sheriff’s Office and security staff

When Corizon Health Nurses in Clackamas County, Oregon heard a call over the radio that an inmate was found unresponsive in their cell, they immediately recognized the individual as a known cardiac patient with significant health issues. The Director of Nursing (DON) responded immediately with the automated external defibrillator (AED), the intake nurse responded immediately with an emergency bag and the medical nurse responded immediately with the emergency cart—all rushing to the patient’s location.

The initial assessment was that there was no pulse, so the team of nurses began CPR and attached the AED. The first shock was given within a minute of arriving on the scene. CPR was continued and Clackamas County Deputy Paurus assisted the nurses in providing chest compressions. An additional two shocks were administered to the patient prior to EMS arriving on the scene. When EMS arrived, they took over care and rushed the patient to the nearest medical facility equipped to handle his care. Staff were told later that the patient coded an additional three times on the way to the hospital, but that if it had been any later in the CPR and AED response, the patient would not have survived.

Two months after the event, the patient called the jail and thanked our staff for our efforts in saving his life.

As a result of their life-saving actions, these heroic Corizon Health Nurses were recognized with the “County Public Service Award” from the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office. The three nurses who received the award were: RN Thao Le, RN Anastasia Bas and DON Nadia Petrov.