PharmaCorr celebrates 20 years of operation

PharmaCorr celebrates 20 years of operationPharmaCorr, the in-house pharmacy of Corizon Health, began its journey to become the pharmacy provider that it is today. Many things have changed at PharmaCorr in its 20 years of existence, and no doubt, the coming years will bring many more exciting changes still. There are still a handful of team members who have been with PharmaCorr since the beginning, and we thank all of our team members for their continued dedication and hard work—part and parcel of the reason behind the company’s success.

PharmaCorr maintains operations in Indiana and Oklahoma, with mail-order pharmacy services to 16 states. The programs provided by PharmaCorr promote proactive and clinically appropriate drug therapies, following the best practices of the healthcare industry. Using highly customized technology, PharmaCorr is able to monitor the entire prescription process from order entry to automated dispensing and shipping. And because it is one of the nation’s largest correctional pharmacy providers, PharmaCorr is able to use its purchasing power to negotiate contracts with suppliers and vendors, saving our clients money. Even more, PharmaCorr’s highly automated system ensures a same-day fill rate of 99.8%, with an error rate of just 0.015%.

We wish PharmaCorr a happy anniversary, and another 20 years of success.