In celebration of Corizon Health Nurses at start of National Nurses Week

In celebration of Corizon Health Nurses at start of National Nurses WeekNational Nurses Week is celebrated May 6-12 in honor of the famous Crimean War nurse, Florence Nightingale. She, like many of our Corizon Health nurses, practiced medicine in very challenging circumstances, bringing hope and compassion to patients in severe need.

Our nurses make up over half of the Corizon Health team. They are an integral part of our service offering, and provide our patients with the first line of defense in the treatment and prevention of illness and injury. They bring skills learned in environments such as emergency rooms, public clinics, and specialty care and combine them with the added competencies practiced in correctional clinics. Their jobs are not easy, and expectations are high. But we have the greatest team of correctional nurses in the industry, and they rise to the challenge of providing indispensable care to our patients each day.

We also want to take a moment to express sincere appreciation to our nursing leaders and members of the Healthcare Support Team who do not provide hands-on care, but give valuable support to our nurses in the field. It takes the expertise of all of our valued team members to provide thorough, clinically appropriate care in our clinics across the country.

As you go throughout the coming week, please take every opportunity to “thank a nurse.” We are privileged to work with many of the very best, and we are grateful they choose to be part of the Corizon Health team of healthcare professionals.