HEDIS presentation delivered to Corizon Health, Missouri DOC

HEDIS presentation delivered to Corizon Health, Missouri DOCThe annual HEDIS (Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set) presentation, Phase XVI, was delivered by University of Central Missouri (UCM) professors to Corizon Health and Missouri Department of Corrections (MDOC) staff recently in our Jefferson City, Missouri Regional Offices. HEDIS is a “tool used by more than 90 percent of America’s health plans to measure performance on important dimensions of care and service.”

Presenters Dr. Jo Riggs and Dr. Janice Putnam, both tenured Professors at UCM, have been working on this project with Corizon Health and the MDOC since 2006. In attendance from Corizon Health were Dr. Parul Mistry and Dr. Renee Fallhowe, and from the MDOC, Division Director Matt Sturm, Assistant Division Directors Scott O’ Kelley and Deloise Williams, and their seven contract monitors. Various other staff from the regional Corizon Health team were in attendance as well.

Doctors Riggs and Putnam completed a review of 39 benchmarks, to include 31 medical and 8 mental health standards ranging from women’s health, cardiac disease, diabetes management and dialysis to mental health assessments, mental health medications and monitoring, suicide follow-ups and crisis intervention plans, AIDS testing and many others. Areas of excellence this year, with 100% compliance, included—Timeliness of Prenatal Care, Acute Myocardial Infarction (MI): Aspirin or Plavix on return from Emergency Department/Hospital, Cholesterol Management after Acute Cardiac Event, LDL-C Screening, HIV/AIDs Offenders with a DC4 Count  of Less Than 50, and HIV testing on all offenders being released from MDOC. Twenty benchmarks either scored 95 percent and above or exceeded identified targets. Just four standards showed an opportunity for improvement.

At Corizon Health, we are dedicated to providing quality care for our many patients across the country. We offer our thanks to UCM for the informative presentation, and to our clients at MDOC for their participation and loyal partnership.