Corizon Health LPN receives ‘Lifesaver Award’ from Missouri client partner

Corizon Health LPN receives 'Lifesaver Award' from Missouri client partner

Corizon Health LPN Terri Weiler

In late May at Tipton Correctional Center (TCC) in Tipton, Missouri, Corizon Health Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) Terri Weiler undertook a search for an offender who had failed to show up for his regular medications—unusual for this particular offender. Nurse Weiler immediately started contacting staff members in the offender’s housing unit, as well as other facility staff, in an attempt to locate him.

When the offender was found in a restroom, he had a cord tied around both his neck and a handrail, in an obvious suicide attempt. As a result of her proactive actions, Corizon Health Nurse Terri Weiler has been given the ‘Lifesaver Award’ from our client partners at TCC. Warden Doug Prudden, in his statement during the awards ceremony, stated that thanks to Nurse Weiler’s “attention to detail and genuine concern for her patients, the offender recovered and received the appropriate care for his physical wounds and his mental health condition.”

We thank Nurse Terri Weiler for exemplifying our Corizon Health values and for being so proactive in the care of her patients.