Nine good habits of highly effective Corizon Health correctional nurses

Nine good habits of highly effective Corizon Health correctional nursesAt the beginning of a new year, millions of people, including nurses, commit themselves to achieving their goals and adopting good habits. This may leave you feeling excited, full of energy, hope and optimism. Unfortunately, by April, all of that positive energy, excitement and optimism you felt a few weeks before has often given way to the tests and challenges of day-to-day nursing work.

Learn and adopt these ‘9 Habits of Highly Effective Corizon Health Nurses’ to help stay on track of your goals and maintain that optimistic outlook on the year ahead—

1. Avoid taking shortcuts. Saving time can be beneficial, but not at the cost of completing tasks correctly. Complete your tasks in a structured way (i.e. step-by-step), and always follow the correct procedure.

2. Do not rush. No matter how frantic or chaotic your day may seem, rushing usually leads to mistakes. Plan ahead by creating a mental, or even better, a written “to-do” task list. Keep a calm head and stick to your plan.

3. Look for opportunities to grow. Whether you are enhancing your knowledge in a new area of expertise, or taking a refresher course to maintain your current skill set, continue to feed your thirst for information and desire to grow professionally. Have an open mind towards new practices, and seek out professional growth opportunities for yourself.

4. Manage your time. Learn to manage a packed schedule and prioritize effectively. Break each day into blocks of time, and then manage tasks in order of importance. Always be punctual, or early, if possible.

5. Ask for help. Being a nurse is tough, so if a helping hand is needed don’t hesitate to ask for help—just ask. Seek out the guidance of others or get advice from your supervisor. It is “ok” to ask for help. It is far worse to “suffer in silence.”

6. Be focused and proactive. Meeting targets and staying on top of your workload will save you time in the long run. Focus on one task at a time—do not overload yourself. Proactively seek out ways to improve the way “things are done.” It is alright to challenge the status quo. Stay flexible to adapt to new situations and practices.

7. Set personal goals and targets. This will provide motivation and inspire you to adopt good habits. Make realistic goals for each day, week, month and the year, and reward yourself when targets are achieved and goals are met. Make a point to take note of opportunities for improvement.

8. Be a team player. No one can do it all on their own. Teamwork divides the tasks and multiplies the success.

9. Communicate clearly. Effective communication saves time, reduces conflict, strengthens relationships and helps drive the achievement of goals. Communicate relevant information and outline key points. Most importantly, think before responding—especially to negative comments.

Being a nurse is not easy but adopting the ‘9 Habits of Highly Effective Corizon Health Nurses’ and continuing to practice them throughout the year can help ensure success in 2016.

Submitted by Khristine Olguin, Corizon Health VP of Nursing