Department of Corrections recognizes Corizon Health intake team in Arizona

Department of Corrections recognizes Corizon Health intake team in Arizona

Members of the Corizon Health Intake Team at ASPC-Phoenix

In early December, the Arizona Department of Corrections (ADC) recognized the members of the Corizon Health Intake Team, members of which are tasked with an aggressive 48-hour window to complete aspects of the intake process. These include: nursing, mental health, dental screenings and physicals. Inmates are routinely transferred to Arizona State Prison Complex—Phoenix (ASPC) from the 15 county jails throughout the state. ASPC—Phoenix has 350 beds and processes approximately 14,000 intakes per year.

From the inception of the Corizon Health contract in March 2013, the facility struggled with ‘intake rollovers.’ Rollovers are numbers of inmates the facility is unable to classify and transfer out to a receiving institution. These were costly to our client, in that it limited the number of new intakes the DOC could process and accept, increasing the amount of money counties receive to house their inmates until transferred. By 2015, the number of rollovers had reached more than 200 per week.

To this point, Corizon Health and ADC leadership had met routinely and discussed ways to improve the intake process, without resolve. Then, in mid-2015, Corizon Health partnered with ADC and attended a series of ‘Lean2’ training seminars. Attendees included both ADC staff and Corizon Health leadership, with representatives from security, education, finance and the director’s office. The group was tasked with improving intake processes across departments, eliminating rollovers and subsequently increasing bed availability.

Recommendations from the Lean2 team were quickly absorbed and implemented. The intake team successfully eliminated rollovers in July 2015. With the ADC’s recognition of their success, the team is being congratulated for modeling Corizon Health culture, listening to our partners and taking action to solve a costly problem for our client partner.