Weekly support group helps Tulare County jail inmates heal, grow

Weekly support group helps Tulare County jail inmates heal, growAt the start of this year, the Corizon Health behavioral health team in Tulare County, California began a weekly support group for male inmates, offered to those who have frequently sought mental health services during their incarceration. Group participants openly share their fears, disappointments, successes and goals with one other. They willingly discuss specific events in their lives–events which changed them so drastically, that they have floundered throughout adulthood until eventually finding themselves behind bars. Often, unapologetic tears flow in these group sessions, and participants kindly offer each other words of support.

Ten months from the start, the Tulare group is still going strong, and group members consistently express a willingness to continue participating, learning and changing. Often, requests are even received for similar groups to be started in other facilities. Thankfully, these group dynamics appear to be the support that these inmate patients need in order to heal and grow. We are proud of the great work the Corizon Health team in Tulare County is doing on a daily basis.

Submitted by Jenise Caetana, Lead Therapist, Tulare County