Corizon medical staff in Arlington County receives nomination for, wins county award

Corizon medical staff in Arlington County receives nomination for county award

The Arlington County Excellence Award honorees

Two team members in Arlington County, Virginia, were nominated, along with Sheriff’s Office (ACSO) and Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) staff, for the ‘County Managers Excellence Award.’ Corizon Health employees Karen Grines and Susan Soto were nominated by Chief Deputy Paul Larson in a letter to Sheriff Beth Arthur in early November. Included in the nomination were Captain Andy Hakes (ACSO), Captain Jay Ternent (ACSO), Suzanne Somerville (HHS) and Aubrey Sclarandis-Graham (HHS). The nomination letter detailed a medical incident involving an inmate with mental health issues suffering from a life-threatening condition. Due to advanced melanoma, one of his lower legs needed to be amputated. Facing a mandatory release at the end of October, the team was left with a dilemma—having the surgery performed as soon as possible would have left the inmate to be released just weeks after having part of his leg removed. With no home to return to and no guarantee of follow-up medical care, the alternative was not to perform the surgery and work to ensure the patient received the care he needed after he was released.

After a team brainstorming session, it was determined that the inmate needed to be released prior to his release date, which required a court petition. Following the petition, the Virginia Hospital Center was contacted to arrange for the patient to be admitted immediately upon his release. Finally, a post-operative treatment plan was created to ensure the inmate continued to receive the proper medical and mental healthcare. Because of the collaborative and diligent teamwork of these three agencies (ACSO, HHS and Corizon Health), our patient was indeed granted an early release and was successfully admitted to the hospital where he was able to receive the care he needed. Without these tremendous efforts, this patient would surely have died from his illness.

Congratulations on this outstanding nomination, team Arlington County!