Lexington-Fayette County Detention Center goes above and beyond for patient safety

Lexington-Fayette County Detention Center goes above and beyond for patient safety

(L-R) Director of Operations Rodney Ballard, Corizon Health CEO Dr. Woodrow A. Myers, Jr., Nurse Jared Sword

Correctional healthcare has many challenges, but safety for both inmate patients and medical staff is one challenge for which the Corizon Health team at the Lexington-Fayette County (KY) site rose to the occasion. This is evidenced by two recent examples of outstanding performance by some Corizon Health team members who went the extra mile to personify the vision, mission and values of Corizon Health and to ensure the highest level of patient care and safety.

During two southeast ice storms in February, many roads and businesses became inaccessible and were forced to close. Our outstanding team of Corizon Health nurses fought the weather to make it to work, and some even stayed overnight to cover outages due to the inclement weather. Thanks to those Corizon nurses literally ‘going the extra mile,’ we were able to ensure consistent care for our patients in spite of the weather challenges.

In another example of stellar performance, the police department brought a patient to intake after being released from the hospital following a violent assault. Nurse Jared Sword took his vital signs, which were high, and knew the patient did not appear well. Jared refused to accept the patient, in spite of being berated by the police, who were also scoffing at the jail staff stating they did not know as much as the hospital staff. Nurse Sword’s decision, however, was supported by the rest of the staff, and the patient was returned to the ER where he was diagnosed with serious emergency conditions and rushed to the operating room. After surgery, the patient spent several days recovering in ICU.

The patient would have died in his cell had Nurse Sword allowed the police to coerce him into changing his mind on what was best for his patient. Because this type of exceptional performance happens on a regular basis at this “flagship” facility, a recent ceremony was held to recognize the Lexington-Fayette team for their ongoing excellence. Also at this time, Nurse Sword was presented with the April Contract Employee of the Month award by Dr. Woodrow A. Myers, Jr., CEO of Corizon Health.

Thank you to the whole team at the Lexington-Fayette County Detention Center for standing up for patient safety and being true representatives of Corizon Health’s vision, mission and values!