Corizon Health launches online resource site for former inmates in Fulton County

Corizon Health launches online resource site for former inmates in Fulton CountyCorizon Health, the nation’s leader in correctional healthcare solutions, announced today the launch of a new website that aims to facilitate inmate community reintegration in Fulton County, Georgia. The portal will assist former inmates in transitioning back into their communities by gathering available community resources, like food banks and housing assistance, into one website – with the goal of reducing recidivism, improving quality of life, and enhancing public safety. In addition to the re-entry website, Corizon Health staff work with inmates at Fulton County Jail to develop individualized integration plans.

“Corizon Health is proud to be the only company in our industry to offer these kinds of comprehensive re-entry resources to the patients we serve,” said Dr. Calvin Johnson, chief medical officer for Corizon Health. “We’re one of the few companies that doesn’t want repeat customers, so we’re constantly looking for ways to help our patients live healthier, better lives once they leave our care.”

According to Sheriff’s Office data, the Fulton County Jail has an 80 percent re-arrest rate. For example, as of midnight on March 20, 2015, there were 2554 inmates in the Jail’s system; of those, 2053 inmates had previous bookings at the Jail. Re-entry services are designed to reduce those rates and include: securing housing (transitional and/or permanent), employment and vocational training, educational referrals, health education/management, social and interpersonal skill development, mental health service coordination, substance abuse and crisis intervention services.

“We want to take a long-term view of incarceration, and ensure that when inmates are ready to leave our system, we’re giving them tools to succeed in society,” said Fulton County Sheriff Ted Jackson. “A website like this may seem straightforward, but it’s so critical to start them out on the right foot, and we’re glad to have partnered with Corizon Health in taking this important step.”

In addition to Fulton County, Corizon has active re-entry websites for inmates in Missouri and Tennessee. Staff members specializing in the re-entry process check in with participants to gauge progress at 30, 60 and 90 day intervals.

“A major life change, like searching for a job, finding a new doctor, or buying or renting a new home can be daunting for anyone. Now imagine you’ve been in jail or prison, away from your family, friends, and support network for an extended period of time, and you begin to understand the challenge our patients face upon their release,” added Sophia Henry, Director of Mental Health at Fulton County Jail. “This site will provide former inmates and their families with the information and resources they need to be productive citizens in a centralized, easy-to-use way.”

The website can be accessed at