Corizon Health proud to sponsor San Diego Public Defender Outreach Charity

For the fifth year in a row, a group of employees with the Public Defender’s Office have organized a charity golf tournament and barbeque to support the foster youth who live and learn at the County’s unique San Pasqual Academy.

San Pasqual Academy is home and school to up to 184 students, ages 12 to 18, and it’s the nation’s only residential program for foster youth. The 238-acre campus has an accredited high school, a technology and career information center, an assembly hall, recreation fields, and a swimming pool. Far more than just a school, the San Pasqual is a community for kids who have lacked stability in their lives. Cottages and attached apartments house students, alumni, transitional age foster youth, staff and volunteer “grandparents” who nurture and mentor the young people.

This year, Corizon Health was honored to contribute to San Pasqual Academy which was created to address the needs of foster youth in San Diego County.  “With four children of my own, I understand how important stability at home is for children. It was an honor and privilege for me personally to participate and for Corizon Health to contribute to this important cause,” said Michael Miller, VP Business Development, Corizon Health.

Today, the Academy is changing lives and helping to set the County’s foster youth on a path of success.