Achieving clinical excellence by carrying out our mission to meet patient needs

Part of the Corizon Health Mission is to “…deliver safe, effective and efficient healthcare services.” As a healthcare company, the health of our patients is our first priority. We must do everything in our power to make sure we carry out our mission to serve patient needs. When we do, our patients are cared for and our clients are satisfied. In addition, we as providers are able to practice medicine in a manner to serve a vital community and societal need—to provide help and healing to people who may have been unable to access care for a large part of their lives, and decrease the chance that poor health will be a barrier to them successfully returning to their families and communities.

Corizon Health is physician-led, which means key leaders in our company have taken the Hippocratic Oath in which they swore to do no harm. What that should say to the client is that from the very top of our organization, there is a focus on putting our patients first with the healing and prevention of illness.

For-profit health care companies often are accused of limiting or denying care and treatment in order to save money. We have never met a physician, in his or her right mind, who wanted to intentionally harm a patient or who wanted to deliver bad care. Physicians want to deliver healing, they want to give good care, and they want the best outcome for each patient. While this is a business, our goal is to manage ourselves financially after the medical needs and well-being of the patient are addressed.

Patients can receive good quality healthcare in both not-for-profit and for-profit settings. Care that is evidence-based and delivered by competent, ethical providers can be received in both settings. If a physician chooses to care for patients in one setting (public sector) versus another setting (private sector), would that change of venue cause a physician’s value system to change? Likely, not.

Withholding care or providing poor quality care is unacceptable. No matter the setting in which you practice, if you consistently provide bad care, you will not earn new or retain existing clients. Further, the most expensive illness to treat is one that has been neglected or where treatment has been delayed. Early detection, diagnosis and treatment usually result in better outcomes for the patient and is more cost effective. It is generally a best practice to treat a condition early and fully to prevent it from worsening and becoming more severe or life-threatening, which may require more costly follow-up and care. In fact, preventative care is more beneficial for the patient’s health and the health care provider.

In short, providing anything less than high quality care to our patients is in direct conflict with the Corizon Health mission. Rather, we strive for excellence, both in patient safety and in the quality of healthcare we deliver.