Accurate and timely medication delivery in a correctional environment

Accurate and timely medication delivery in a correctional environmentThe March/April issue of Corrections Forum features the article “Dispensing Medications,” addressing the challenges that can sometimes be present when striving to ensure our inmate patients receive their needed medications accurately and efficiently. The article features many Corizon Health photos, and Corizon Health/PharmaCorr‘s Director of Pharmacy, Darrell Wheeler (RPh.) discusses strategies he and his staff use to guarantee that “medication costs are controlled, excessive medications at the site are reduced, and medications are not being missed.”

In 2012, of the more than 1.5 million people incarcerated in state and federal prisons, more than a third of them required medication. No matter what the reason may be for an inmate patient’s medication being unavailable to a correctional administrator when needed, there must be “processes, procedures, and work-arounds in place to assure that patients receive medications in a timely manner,” states Wheeler in the article.

Click here to visit Corrections Forum online, and flip to page 36 to read the entire “Dispensing Medications” article.