Corizon Health announces historic partnership with Washington, D.C.-based MBI Health Services

Corizon Health announces historic partnership with Washington, D.C.-based MBI Health ServicesCorizon Health, the nation’s leader in correctional healthcare solutions, announced today it has partnered with D.C.-based MBI Health Services, LLC (MBI) to provide health services to the District of Columbia’s Department of Corrections (DOC). This partnership will not only save money for the taxpayers of the District of Columbia, but will provide more than $30 million to the local small disadvantaged business enterprise over the term of the contract.

Under the terms of Corizon Health’s winning bid with the DOC, the company has contracted with multiple Certified Business Enterprises (CBE) to provide more than 40 percent of the dollar amount of the primary contract. Corizon has partnered with MBI because of its proven track record of providing quality health care services and for its programs providing mentoring, training, job placement, recovery group activity and outreach services to returning citizens. MBI will provide 35 percent of the contract by supplying all of the nurse staffing and mental health services that are critical to providing quality care for the jail patient population who often possess complex, multifaceted health care needs.

“We are a company that understands the value and necessity of partnerships, which is why we are pleased to have the opportunity to work with MBI to provide health care services that are so critical to reducing recidivism,” said Dr. Woodrow A. Myers Jr., the CEO of Corizon Health. “We believe this collaborative approach is the most effective for serving the needs of the inmate population in D.C. and for fulfilling our ultimate goal of improving public health.”

This partnership is significant as historically there has been no CBE participation in providing health care services to the D.C. Jail and no CBE jobs are provided under its current contract with the incumbent – resulting in the loss of tens of millions of dollars to the CBE community.

“It is our mission to embrace, advocate for and empower each and every patient we have the privilege to serve,” said John M. Kamya, President and CEO, MBI Health Services, LLC. “As a local CBE providing health care services to the District of Columbia, I cannot express enough the positive impact this partnership with Corizon Health will have on the D.C. Jail population and the entire city. Corizon Health is to be commended for its commitment to ensuring CBE involvement to meet the city’s requirements and best serve its needs.”

In addition to MBI, Corizon Health is partnering with Business 2IT Solutions, another local CBE, for technology support.

The partnership is built on National Commission on Correctional Healthcare (NCCHC) and American Correctional Association (ACA) standards for care. Together, Corizon Health and MBI are committed to providing the highest levels of care through best practices and clinically-proven programs, processes and tools.