Corrections Forum article shines light on privatization savings

Corrections Forum article shines light on privatization savingsThe November/December issue of Corrections Forum is out, and it includes a story detailing the significant cost savings that can be achieved through outsourcing services, such as the care and services Corizon Health provides in 27 states. The article, which features many photos of Corizon Health team members in action, goes on to describe the ways in which contracting healthcare services out to private companies can realize significant savings.

Jon Walker, Chief Development Officer, defines how Corizon understands “the myriad of cost drivers” that go into delivering a comprehensive healthcare program, including knowing how to maximize the level of services provided onsite in order to reduce travel, transportation and additional security costs. In the management of offsite care alone, Corizon Health has saved our Department of Corrections (DOC) client partners more than $3 million annually. The article goes on to describe how savings can be realized in the area of pharmaceuticals and telemedicine. Corizon’s DOC clients save over $2.35 million per year in costs related to “officer time, offsite transports, and hospital provider costs” by utilizing telemedicine when practical.

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