Nurse response saves life at Hamilton Correctional Institution in Florida

Nurse response saves life at Hamilton Correctional Institution in Florida

(L-R) S. Sturdivant LPN, A. Booth RN, S. Lieupo LPN

Hamilton Correctional Institution in Jasper, Florida would like to recognize three nurses for an outstanding job during a response to a medical emergency back in October. Nurses A. Booth (RN), S. Sturdivant (LPN), and S. Lieupo (LPN) demonstrated that sometimes you must look beyond the obvious and just go with your “gut feeling.”

Medical responded to a call in the dorm for a patient stating that he “could not get up” due to back pain. The first thought was another slip and fall but upon arrival no injuries or trauma were noted, and he denied falling. He was brought to urgent care by a stretcher, and a routine back pain assessment was performed. His vital signs were stable, and the patient noted that the pain was not as severe if he was on his left side. With only this finding, the nurses decided to do an EKG to rule out possible ischemia or infarction. No significant change was noted from prior EKGs, but the patient continued to complain of severe pain.

The nurses then contacted the physician on call, and an observation order was received. Within an hour, they noticed signs of mental status changes along with diaphoresis. The doctor was notified, and the order was received to activate EMS. Once the EMS arrived, the stroke protocol was initiated and life flight was activated. Upon arrival to the hospital the patient was diagnosed with an aortic aneurysm. Due to the nurse’s actions, relying on their gut feeling and intuition, trusting the patient’s word that he was in severe pain and not only considering on what the equipment displayed they ultimately saved a life.

Contributed by Cindy Johnson, Director of Nursing, Hamilton Correctional Institution