Corizon names LPN Amy Anderson Nurse of the Year

Corizon names LPN Amy Anderson Nurse of the Year

Corizon Nurse of the Year Amy Anderson (center in blue) with her teammates

We take the opportunity each year to recognize Corizon nurses who consistently demonstrate excellence in their practice. Since we currently employ approximately 6,000 nurses, selecting just one nurse who represents top performance can be a challenge for our facility, regional and corporate nursing teams. We asked our teams to focus on those individuals who steadily over-perform and also to provide examples of how the nominees demonstrate a dedication to excellence and an ownership of practice. Anyone from the Director of Nursing (DON) level through RNs and LPNs were eligible for this nomination.

This year, we are proud to announce that the winner of the Corizon Nurse of the Year award went to Amy Anderson, an LPN with Hennepin County Corrections in Minnesota. Amy works as the morning LPN at the juvenile facility there, where she takes great ownership in her nursing care and has taken on a variety of tasks for our entire Hennepin County contract. For example, during their transition to an electronic medical record system (EMR), not only did Amy work her full-time day position — after work, she traveled to the adult facility to assist with data entry¬† and to problem solve errors identified by the new EMR. Her dedication to dive in and learn the new system was essential to the success of this transition.

Minnesota requires parental consent for juveniles to receive most mental health medications, so Amy also spends time researching many of the most commonly used medications and creating parental consent forms to be utilized by both juvenile facilities. Furthermore, she consistently tracks medication compliance for communication to the care teams for the benefit of the residents. In early 2013, Amy started noticing a pattern of “stomach aches” occurring after lunch and decided to monitor a lunch hour to look for possible explanations. She noticed that enormous portions were being taken by the residents and that a vast amount of food contained no nutritional value whatsoever. Using this information, Amy worked with Corizon RN Kelly Classen and Hennepin County Administration to eliminate foods with no nutritional value and work with staff monitors in the lunchroom to ensure healthy portions were being consumed. Amy took even further initiative to create a study of weight loss or gain associated with admission to the facility. As a result, an outcome study was developed to include the creation of meal plans to track intake, activity and weight. Amy’s total dedication to this project resulted in positive patient outcomes.

Nurse Anderson is a multi-tasker who takes a team approach to patient care and always makes sure instructions and “FYIs” are placed in the electronic custody record for continuity of care. She conducts weekly site assessments and reports any possible issues that do not comply with NCCHC standards or Corizon policy to the RN supervisor. Additionally, Amy is also pursuing her RN degree. We could not have been more pleased to present this award to Corizon Nurse Amy Anderson, and we are grateful for her dedication and the pride she takes in her work. Thank you, Amy, for being a true representation of Corizon values.

Submitted by Becky Pinney, Chief Nursing Officer