Yuma Prison Complex praised for collaboration and processes

Yuma Prison Complex praised for collaboration and processesThe National Commission on Correctional Health Care (NCCHC) conducted their annual audit at the Yuma Prison Complex (YPC) from May 27-30, 2014. Interdisciplinary teamwork in the prison healthcare system was reflected in the glowing comments from the survey team, who expressed their opinion that the processes at the prison are “very impressive for a facility of this size” and that they were “glad to see a collaborative relationship between medical and security.” Furthermore, “there is a sense of calm and cooperation here that is an honor to see. The employees love their jobs.”

Additionally, mental health groups, dental regimens and chronic care at YPC were all praised for their successful processes. All staff were invited to attend the exit interview and expressed thanks for being able to hear so much positive feedback regarding the care they deliver to their patients on a daily basis. Excellent work, Yuma team!

Achieving NCCHC accreditation sends a clear message of commitment to providing a nationally accepted standard of care for a facility’s inmates. No correctional healthcare standards are more stringent than those of the NCCHC, and no other accreditation program is as thorough. For more information on facility accreditation and other NCCHC services, visit their website at www.ncchc.org.