Teamwork makes for successful NCCHC audit in Collier County

Teamwork Makes for Successful NCCHC Audit in Collier County

Cpl. Echeverri and Corizon LPN Vicki Cash

On January 29th, Collier County Jail (FL) began its NCCHC survey. The auditors arrived and gave an opening conference to both the medical and sheriff’s office staff, and an officer was selected to go with the auditor, Cpl. Echeverri. For the next three days, Cpl. Echeverri conducted interviews with inmates, conducted inspections of housing areas, kitchen and pharmacy, and followed nurses during med pass – not even breaking for lunch. The medical auditor reviewed 116 charts for a population of 900, and the lead surveyor interviewed Health Services Administrator (HSA) Marcia Eckloff for 3 days. On day two, we went on a road trip to our satellite facility 45 miles away, where manuals were all checked and all policies were reviewed.

The exit interview occurred on January 31 at 1:00 P.M. and lasted one hour. The entire Corizon staff, several officers and Chief Roberts were in attendance. During the interview, the lead surveyor stated, “This was an excellent, excellent, excellent survey.” The staff was beaming – all of their hard work paid off. Every day, Corizon staff takes pride in being survey-ready. One physician said, “The place where we see sites having problems is with the continuation of medical care. There is no evidence of that here. All of your patients are followed as they are supposed to be, and everything is timely.” After the exit interview was completed, Chief Roberts sent out a notice to all Collier County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) staff congratulating them on their teamwork. Way to go, Collier County!

– Contributed by Marcia Eckloff  | Health Services Administrator, Collier County Jail