New Mexico Director of Nursing featured in ENMU Nursing Newsletter

New Mexico Director of Nursing Featured in ENMU Nursing Newsletter

Stephanie Calvillo, DON

Stephanie Calvillo, Director of Nursing (DON) at Lea County Correctional Facility, was recently the focus of an article in the Eastern New Mexico University (ENMU) Nursing Newsletter. Stephanie completed her bachelor of science in nursing (BSN) while excelling in her role as DON at Lea County. The article highlights her experiences as a prison nurse and gives readers insight into what it can really be like to be a nurse behind prison walls. In the article, Stephanie says that correctional nursing is “an exciting and unique specialty within the field of nursing,” and that she loves how “every day presents a different opportunity, from cancer care to the common cold.”

In addition to her duties as DON and completing her BSN, Stephanie is also a busy mother of four and credits ENMU for being a part of her success in juggling the roles of nurse, supervisor, wife and mother. We thank Stephanie for shedding such a positive light on the field of correctional nursing.

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