Corizon team members recognize World Down Syndrome Day

Corizon Team Members Recognize World Down Syndrome DayThis year (2014) marked the 9th anniversary of World Down Syndrome Day (WDSD). Every year, the voice of those with Down syndrome and those who live and work with them grows louder. Founded in 1993, Down Syndrome International (DSi) is a charity that works worldwide to improve the lives of those with Down syndrome and advocates for their right to be accepted and included as equals in their communities. They are located in Teddington, England, home of pioneering physician Dr. John Langdon Down, after whom the genetic condition is named.

On March 21st, DSi invited everyone across the world to wear either their official LOTS OF SOCKS logo socks or other brightly colored, fun socks as conversation starters. The 21st day of the 3rd month was chosen to represent the trisomy of the 21st chromosome that causes Down syndrome. When asked about their socks, Corizon team members had the opportunity to raise awareness of what Down syndrome is and what it means to live with it, as well as how those affected play vital roles in our lives and communities. Some colorful socks definitely showed up at Corizon. Thanks to all those who participated!