CorrecTek updates at Corizon

CorrecTek updates at CorizonThe end of 2013 and the beginning of 2014 has been a busy time for the clinical implementations team. We are pleased to announce that over the past few months we’ve had two sites implement CorrecTek and another site upgrade to the new version of CorrecTek.

Late last year, Shawnee County (KS), a Corizon partner, installed CorrecTek. This is a significant installation as this was our first conversion from an older EMR to CorrecTek. Karen Marsh and her leadership team did an outstanding job of leading staff through the conversion effort. The implementation team, led by Teron Butler and Karen Olsen, also did a fantastic job. Finally, thanks to John Ebel from our shared services team for his help in making this implementation a success.

CorrecTek updates at Corizon


In addition, the staff at Lexington/Fayette County (KY), a Corizon partner, was upgraded to the newest version. This results in all sites being on the same version of CorrecTek, which allows us to send updates to all sites in the same format. A special thanks goes to Jammie Garner and Kristin Malone for their leadership with the Fayette County staff.

Finally, earlier this year, CorrecTek was installed and went live at Adams County (CO), a Corizon partner. Our team appreciates the help and efforts of all of the Adams County staff, led by Desiree Gonzales. In addition to our clinical implementation team, Jonathan White from network operations and Tim Viviano from shared services did a great job helping us set up our network and various interfaces.

Thanks to the collaborative effort from CorrecTek, our site and regional operations teams, clinical services and various entities of our IT team, 2013 was a good year for CorrecTek implementations. We look forward to an even better 2014 as we are in the process of implementing two DOCs along with many other individual sites. Thanks again to all, named or unnamed, who help make the CorrecTek implementations a good experience for our site clinical staff.