Chillicothe Corizon partner hosts annual health fair

Chillicothe Corizon partner hosts annual health fair

Chillicothe Employees at the Health Fair

A health fair was held in early November for the offender population at Chillicothe Correctional Center (MO), a Corizon partner. With 940 offenders in attendance this year, education was provided in the form of games featuring the “Wheel of Health,” “STD Roulette,” “Physical Activity Spin Smart“ and “Drug and Alcohol Awareness quiz,” which also featured a “Death of a Lung” display.

Prizes for participation were candy, tea bags, or travel size hygiene items. There were also booths providing education on eye health, with eyeglass cleaning cloths and solution given to those with glasses. Heart disease, oral health (with toothpaste given out), breast cancer and mammogram education were also offered.

At some booths, drawings were held for instant coffee, a large bag of Doritos, hot chocolate or crackers with peanut butter. Blood pressure and blood sugars were checked, and a blast class offered fitness information. The Missouri Reentry program was also represented, as well as a fire and safety officer providing safety information to avoid accidents and injury.

Vendors from the Livingston Co. Health Center joined the fair with a variety of pamphlets and information on services they provide upon an offender’s release. The YMCA, with “Women’s Health – Mind, Body and Spirit,” Hedrick Medical Center Physical Therapy with spine health information and the North Central Missouri College were also present with information about classes for those being released and interested in pursuing a college education.

Chillicothe Corizon partner hosts annual health fair

STD Roulette Education Booth

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