Prince George’s County Implements CorrecTek

Prince George’s County Implements CorrecTek

Prince George’s County staff with the CorrecTek team

We are pleased to announce that Prince George’s County (MD), in partnership with Corizon and CorrecTek, went live with the CorrecTek Electronic Medical Record on September 21st. Under the leadership of Corenne Labbe, Stephanie Walton and Abu Kalokoh from Prince George’s County, and the Corizon implementation project team led by Wesley Newell and Karen Olsen, the transition to a fully electronic EMR will help the clinical staff to provide enhanced patient care.

Abu commented on the benefits that he is already noticing, “When a clinician can easily access radiology reports, lab reports, MARs and blood sugar results, you can visualize and record his or her satisfaction during sick call encounters.” He followed up by commenting, “Managers can just about know what clinicians are doing at any time by the System Timeline,” and ended by commenting that the “EHR is invaluable in accessing medical information on a timely basis.”

On behalf of the implementation team, we appreciate the willingness of the entire staff to embrace CorrecTek. Please join me in congratulating the Prince George’s team for their dedication during this transition.

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