New Mexico women’s prison gets new exam room

New Mexico women's prison gets new exam room

Ribbon cutting for the new exam room

It was an exciting day when the New Mexico Women’s Prison, a Corizon partner, through a joint venture with CCA and Corizon, dedicated a new exam room to be multidisciplinary for multiple users. The room is located by the intake and segregation units and will be used by correctional medical staff for the intake screening, RDC, segregation sick call and medication delivery. This new room will expedite the segregation and intake of inmate patients being treated. In addition, it will prevent the rules classifications from conflicting, which results in the shut down of the medical clinic. It also decreases escorting patients through the halls.

Psychiatrists will also use the room for their sick calls so, seeing these patients will be much quicker due to the closeness of the room to the units. Many hours have been lost waiting for inmates to come to the medical unit, again due to classification conflicts, and this will now allow more patients to be seen. Behavioral health services will also be seeing patients in this room, maximizing treatment.

Thanks to Warden Arlene Hickson and Assistant Warden James Lopez for their help in expanding the services for all the medical and mental health services. We would also like to thanks Jan Epp, Corizon Clinical Programs Manager, and Travis White, HSA, for initiating this project! After the ribbon cutting, the entire facility celebrated with cake and ice cream, compliments of Corizon.

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