Arizona Corizon nurses first on scene of accident

Arizona Corizon nurses first on scene of accident

Monica Garibay (L) and Amber Orneals

Earlier this month, two Arizona nurses (who are also sisters) were the first to arrive on the scene of a DOC Wild Land Fire crew accident. Inmates and officers in the vehicle were returning from an assignment back to the Florence complex.

Amber Orneals and Monica Garibay, both in medical records at Eyman DOC, a Corizon partner, were on their way home when they came upon the accident. With their quick reaction, they immediately began helping officers get inmates from the vehicle and administered first aid to those needing assistance. A security van was also on scene, which allowed Amber and Monica to continue first aid until an ambulance and medics arrived. Florence Complex warden, Lance Hetmer, arrived on scene after soon after and congratulated Amber and Monica’s commitment to care. “I was absolutely impressed with the professionalism and care they were providing,” Warden Hetmer stated in an email expressing his gratitude.

In a thank you from Arizona DOC Director, Charles Ryan, he noted that the nurses would be formally recognized at the annual awards ceremony in December, but wanted to express his “sincere appreciation for their quick thinking and selfless actions.” Eyman HSA, Von Marschik, sums up their actions by saying, “their dedication to patient care exemplifies the Corizon philosophy/mission.” Excellent work, Amber and Monica!

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