Maryland mental health team supports NAMI

Maryland mental health team supports NAMI

L-R: Mary Lou McDonough, Ben Yue, James Earl Jones, and Edward Bowles (NAMI VP).

In celebration of Mental Health Awareness Month, Corizon’s mental health team at Prince George’s County (MD) planned and conducted a series of activities to promote mental health awareness in the facility.

The inmates and DOC program staff held trust-building and self-awareness activities throughout several housing units that were well received, and a Chinese dumpling cookout was even sponsored by Ben Yue, LCSW. The cookout was utilized as a fundraiser for the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI) Prince George’s County Chapter. The fundraiser was a success, with generous DOC and Corizon staff raising a total of $600!

In late July, Director Mary Lou McDonough presented a $600 check to the NAMI county President on behalf of Corizon and the Prince George’s County DOC. Mr. Jones (NAMI President), noted a personal connection to the mental health program at the correctional center saying, “You guys helped my family members some time ago,” and vowed the organization will use the money to help families and people with mental illness.

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