PharmaCorr Start-Up: Wow, what a Trip!

PharmaCorr Start-Up: Wow, what a Trip!

L-R: Chuck Jones, Lonnie Sneed, Gaylan Williams, Peter Lee and Patrick Corbin

What an exciting time it was starting up Arizona and Virginia. It was great seeing Corizon Nursing and Pharmacy coming together to help train our new employees and roll-out the Pharmacy Management program. Many pharmacy techs, pharmacists, nursing staff and others came together in Arizona and covered the state. We bought all of our supplies in Arizona and set up med rooms to train on components of our program.

The employees in Arizona were appreciative of the efforts. Curtis Miles led the charge alongside Darrell Wheeler in Arizona and did a great job. Our newest Pharmacist, Julie Carter, has jumped in and made a great impact in her role as a consultant for the state of Arizona. Corizon is truly blessed to have such a great fellowship between disciplines to make transitions go as smoothly as possible.

In Virginia, Darrell Wheeler led the charge and covered the state to ensure an easy transition as well. Many on the team in Arizona also packed a bag to help in Virginia! I truly appreciate all the time employees have spent away from their families in order to help our company be successful in the eyes of our new employees and clients. I would mention all the names of the people who helped, but I must keep the document short and sweet. I just wanted all of them to know how much I, PharmaCorr and Corizon appreciate them for what they do for all of us! Our clients in both states were amazed at how well we did during the transition. Our people truly make the difference.

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