Fulton County gets published with CDC

Fulton County gets published with CDC

L-R: Maria Longsworth, Dr. Sharne Hampton and George Herron, Fulton County Jail – Director Medical Services

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recently published results from Fulton County Jail’s (GA) demonstration project to integrate routine rapid HIV screening into the medical intake process.

From January 2011 through March 2012, Fulton County implemented this project. Without which, people diagnosed would likely be diagnosed later in the course of their infection, resulting in delayed access to care and treatment and possible transmission to their partners. Through these screenings, inmate patients also received referrals for community services upon release. Over 12,000 HIV tests were conducted during this time.

Fulton County Jail, a Corizon partner is one of the 50 largest jails in the nation, with an ADP of 2,269 detainees.

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