First class graduates from Indiana Doctoral Internship Program

Corizon: First class graduates from Indiana Doctoral Internship Program

L-R: Dr. Julie Hoeppner, Marla Gadberry, Walter Campbell, Paula Turner, Dr. Mary Sims and Dr. Brad Huffey

Corizon Indiana wishes to congratulate Walter Campbell and Paula Turner on completing their Doctoral Psychology Internships this May 2013. Due to the challenges of consistently attracting high quality psychologists to the prison sites in rural Indiana, the Corizon contract sought to develop a means of ‘growing our own.’ This type of internship program is a requirement for all psychologists to complete before they receive their degrees, and in order to be licensed to practice.

The doctoral internship program at Wabash Valley Correctional Facility (IN) began in May 2012 and very quickly received APPIC (Association of Psychology Post-Doctoral and Internship Centers) approval in December last year. Now that our first class has graduated, we are pursuing APA (American Psychological Association) accreditation. We participated in the APPIC Match this spring and have matched with two intern candidates for our 2013/14 class that will begin in July.

Mr. Campbell and Ms. Turner have split their time providing services in the special needs unit and general prison population departments at Wabash Valley Correctional Facility. They have also provided supervision for Masters and Bachelors level student trainees. They will continue to provide services at Wabash Valley until the next class of interns begins, after which, they will hopefully be coming on board with us as full-time prison psychologists.

The Wabash Valley Corizon Team put a great deal of time and effort into making our first year of the internship program a success. Included on the team are Dr. Brad Huffey, Director of Training; Dr. Julie Hoeppner, SNU Psychologist and Supervisor; Dr. Mary Sims, General Population Psychologist and Supervisor and Marla Gadberry, HSA.

Please join us in congratulating all involved for their hard work and accomplishment!

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